Our Team

The Institute’s team integrates a wide variety of skill sets, experience, and education into the work we do in finding the best, most holistic solutions to the challenges that face communities living within coastal, riverine, and deltaic systems.

Hailing from around the world, this team gives the Institute the well-rounded approach that allows us to bring elements as diverse as population demographics, policy analysis, water and sediment transport, ecosystem dynamics and predictive numerical modeling to help inform decision makers facing tough choices. The Institute’s dedicated staff is the key to our ability to approach projects across disciplines.

Decades of research into coastal and delta processes, as well as a long history of lessons learned from a multitude of hurricanes and flooding events, the Institute is contributing toward making Louisiana a leader in coastal resiliency issues nationally and internationally.

Justin Ehrenwerth

President and CEO

Alyssa Dausman

Vice President for Science

Jeff Hebert

Vice President for Adaptation and Resilience

Jennifer Butler

Vice President for Administration and CFO

Tim Carruthers

Director of Coastal Ecology

Scott Hemmerling

Director of Human Dimensions

Mike Miner

Director of Applied Geosciences

Dale Morris

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ehab Meselhe

Senior Technical Advisor

Amy Wold

Director of Communications

Melissa Baustian

Coastal Ecologist

Harris Bienn

Research Assistant

Martijn Bregman

Research Associate

Angela Caston

Executive Assistant to the President

Ryan Clark


Diana Di Leonardo

Research Scientist: Water Resources

Christopher Esposito

Research Scientist: Water Resources

Alaina Grace

Program Coordinator

Kelin Hu

Research Scientist

Danielle W. Johnson

Grants & Contracts Specialist

Hoonshin Jung

Research Scientist: Hydraulics-Water Quality

Francesca Messina

Research Scientist: Water Resources

Colleen McHugh

Senior Adaptation Planner for Resilience Lab

Adrian McInnis

Research Associate

Lyndsey Mitchell

Human Resources Manager

Leland Moss

Research Scientist

Cyndhia Ramatchandirane

Research Scientist: Water Resources

Matthew Rodi

Project Controls Analyst

Michael Vingiello

Research Associate

Huy Vu

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Gulf Research Program Science Policy Fellow

Yushi Wang

Research Scientist: Water Resources

Dallon Weathers

Field Coordinator

Eric White

Research Engineer: Water Resources

Brendan Yuill

Research Scientist: Water Resources