Erin Kiskaddon

Coastal Ecologist

Erin Kiskaddon, benthic ecologist, brings her experience in laboratory work and research on benthic ecosystems to the Institute’s coastal ecology team. Kiskaddon graduated from Whitman College with a concentration in biology and earned her master’s degree in biology from University of Southern Florida at Tampa where her thesis work was focused on trophic ecology of crabs in human-impacted mangrove habitats of Florida. Prior to joining the Institute, Kiskaddon was a laboratory technician and then laboratory manager in the Sediment Ecology Lab at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Her research included the influence of benthic infauna on the acoustic properties of sediment, acoustic analysis of sediment communities, and involvement in a long-term assessment of the impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on shallow-water benthic ecosystems in the northern Gulf of Mexico including work in the Chandeleur Islands.

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