Our Work

The Water Institute’s technical team strives to improve our collective understanding of natural and human aspects of coastal, riverine, and urban water management systems; to develop methods, models, and tools to aid in the restoration of communities and ecosystems; and to reduce risk for habitats, people, and infrastructure.

Our Research Areas are distinct, but the Water Institute's work thrives on transdisciplinary collaboration both internally between subject matter experts, and externally with partners, stakeholders, and communities.


Research Areas


Recent Projects
Cumulative effects of restoration on barrier islands and shorelines

Evaluation of coastal restoration project outcomes is mostly commonly focused at the project scale, and there are uncertainties and gaps in understand...

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Recent Reports
Long-term strategic plan for the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission Phase 2A Final Report

The Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission engaged The Water Institute to aid in creating a strategic plan for proactive management of the ...

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Recent Publication
Evaluation of emission reduction and other societal and environmental outcomes: Structured decision making for the Louisiana climate action plan

Climate action planning continues to accelerate rapidly across the globe as communities seek to prepare to thrive in an uncertain future. Climate acti...

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