Our Work

The Water Institute’s technical team strives to improve our collective understanding of natural and human aspects of coastal, riverine, and urban water management systems; to develop methods, models, and tools to aid in the restoration of communities and ecosystems; and to reduce risk for habitats, people, and infrastructure.

Our Research Areas are distinct, but the Water Institute's work thrives on transdisciplinary collaboration both internally between subject matter experts, and externally with partners, stakeholders, and communities.


Research Areas


Recent Projects
Defining the Environmental Benefits of Dredged Sediments in Benefit-Cost Ratio Calculation

Storms, sea level rise, subsidence, disruptions to sediment supply, and other natural and anthropogenic disturbances are driving coastal erosion, habi...

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Recent Reports
Inter-Model Comparisons Between Physical and Numerical Models

This report was developed by The Water Institute (the Institute) for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) under Task Order 69 Lower...

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Recent Publication
Leveraging co-production within ecosystem restoration to maximize benefits to coastal birds

Coastal Louisiana's ecosystems are threatened by anthropogenic factors exacerbated by climate change induced sea-level rise. The 2010 Deepwater Horizo...

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