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Climate-driven impacts are happening with greater frequency and affecting a larger number of people every year. From exploring artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to providing science to vulnerable communities, your support will boost the work of our scientists, engineers, and planners to develop tools and actionable research to support Louisiana's efforts in coastal restoration, protection, and community resilience.

The Water Institute wants to develop the capabilities that can position communities to be prepared before disasters strike. Please join us in this mission to bring proactive science to the real challenges our communities are facing.

Water and Trees

Floods, storms, coastal land loss, rising sea levels, pandemics, economic hardships, more intense rainfall events, and other environmental and societal challenges impact communities around Louisiana and the country with increasing frequency.

As an independent, non-profit, applied research institution, The Water Institute's mission is to provide the science that supports the development of resilient and equitable communities, thriving economies, and healthy ecosystems. We bring together researchers across all disciplines social science, geology, ecology, planning, computer modeling, technology advancements, and more to address the complex questions presented by a changing environment.

The Water Institute's diverse team and extensive partnerships provide us with the unique ability to bring together the best thinkers and scientists around the complex question of how to create a more resilient future.