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The Water Institute of the Gulf is a not-for-profit, independent applied research and technical services institution with a mission to help coastal and deltaic communities thoughtfully prepare for an uncertain future. Through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, our work helps create more resilient communities, thriving economies, and healthy environment.


Dedicated to the future of our coast

Ambassador James Joseph Member of the Board

The Institute understands that to solve the complex challenges that our coastal communities will face into the future, we must bring an integrated approach that bridges traditional research activities and focuses our applied studies at the intersection of the environment, the economy, and the human dimension.

The Institute’s integrated approach to analyzing water movement, availability, water demand, and an ecosystem’s minimum water needs helps ensure a balanced consideration of multiple factors.

Water Quality Capabilities

Water quality impacts ecosystems, and the people who depend on them, whether it is the need for safe drinking water, healthy fisheries, agriculture, or other uses. Ensuring good water quality, or measuring changes in water quality is essential but in...

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Statewide Water Resources Framework

Louisiana isn’t normally known for a lack of water, but there are several aquifers around the state where demand has highlighted the need for better i...

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The Water Institute of the Gulf welcomes Hugh Roberts as the new Vice President for Engineering

BATON ROUGE, La. (Feb. 4, 2018) – Hugh Roberts, who spent years with Arcadis working on numerical modeling and resilience issues, will be joining The ...

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