Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Investigation of Flow and Water Constituent Fluxes Through the Tidal Inlets of the Barataria Basin

Author(s): Cyndhia Ramatchandirane, Abigail Eckland, Tara Yocum

The Water Institute of the Gulf (the Institute) was contracted by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) of Louisiana to characterize water, sediment, salinity, and nutrient fluxes through the tidal inlets of Barataria Basin in south Louisiana in an effort to provide new information that can be applied to improve the performance of numerical models that are applied to inform coastal restoration plans/programs. This document is intended to be solely a data report and does not contain analytical or interpretative information. Additional data analysis and interpretation, and eventual data integration into the Basin Wide model is anticipated during a second phase of this study.