City of Covington

City of Covington: Flood Response Plan Development

Six months

The Challenge

In March 2016, heavy rainfall events created severe flash flooding in the city, prompting city leaders to look for a new approach in order to prepare for any future events.

The Approach

The city provided a number of datasets about water flow in the city which were combined with other information and then converted into Geographic Information System (GIS) data. This was put into a format that would be readily accessed by a number of city departments. Partners with Innovative Emergency Management (IEM) reviewed the GIS database, information from the 2016 flood and other data to better understand how flooding could impact the city in the future. Emergent Method lead an effort to get input from the local community and public officials.

In the final month of the project, the finalized and city-approved plan was presented to the community including regional, state, and federal planning agencies. In November 2018, Convington’s Mayor announced that he had accepted the new plan which outline ways to respond to future flooding events including public notification, emergency response coordination.