Rob Hollis

Research Geoscientist

Rob Hollis, Research Geoscientist, brings more than nine years of experience in coastal geology and oceanography to the Institute. Building upon previous technical roles working for various consulting and state agencies, Rob uses his understanding of natural processes to help inform coastal management and restoration decisions. At the Institute, he specializes in the creation of geologic frameworks to develop sediment resource inventories for coastal and marsh restoration projects.

Prior to joining the Institute, Rob worked as a coastal geologist at Applied Coastal Research & Engineering where he examined coastal subsidence rates along southern Louisiana for the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan, in addition to studying coastal and wetland change related to various climatic and engineering factors. Furthermore, he worked on various nearshore sediment budgets, coastal restoration monitoring, shoreline change, and flood risk vulnerability studies while at the Rhode Island Geological Survey.

Rob received a bachelor’s degree in geology and geological oceanography from the University of Rhode Island and earned a master’s degree in marine science with a concentration in coastal geology from the University of Southern Mississippi, where his work focused on barrier island and coastal system evolution in the northern Gulf of Mexico.