Shawn Doyle

Microbial Ecologist

Shawn Doyle, Microbial Ecologist with The Water Institute, has years of research experience examining microorganisms in a variety of environments and determining how the activity and interactions of these microbial communities regulate ecosystem biogeochemistry. His work has included study of microbes in Antarctic and Arctic glaciers, corals reefs, Texas estuaries, and coastal environments across the Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to joining The Water Institute, Doyle was an assistant research scientist in the Department of Oceanography at Texas A&M University where he worked on research examining how microbes in the Gulf of Mexico's coastal waters and offshore coral reef environments are impacted by hurricanes and/or coastal flooding. In addition, his post-doctoral research at Texas A&M University investigated how marine microbial communities in the Gulf of Mexico respond to oil spills and pollution, and examined how clean-up efforts such as dispersant usage impact microbial bioremediation processes.

Doyle received his bachelor’s degree in microbiology and his Ph.D. in microbiology from Louisiana State University.