Alex McCorquodale

Senior Fellow

For more than 50 years, Dr. Alex McCorquodale P.E., P.Eng., has brought his vast experience in hydraulics and hydrology to solving challenges in rivers, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. Starting this week, he is lending that experience to the Institute part-time in order to mentor young researchers and advise on various projects.

After 30 years of teaching at the University of Windsor in Canada, the University of New Orleans recruited McCorquodale to bring his expertise to New Orleans in 1996. Since then, he not only taught new generations of scientists as a professor until his retirement in 2017, but he’s worked on some of the most foundational coastal projects and programs in Louisiana’s coastal efforts

In addition to working on the 2012 and 2017 Louisiana Coastal Master Plan, McCorquodale also worked on the Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management (MRHDM) Study as part of the Louisiana Coastal Area program, hydrodynamic study of the Lake Pontchartrain basin and will be involved in the upcoming development of the Coastal Master Plan for 2023.

His first project upon arriving in Louisiana was to participate in a study on the feasibility of building diversions from the Mississippi River for the purpose of coastal restoration.