Nick Howes

Research Scientist

Nick Howes, Research Scientist, brings years of experience in geological data science and machine learning to The Water Institute.

During his eight years as a research scientist at Shell, he worked on a cross-disciplinary team focused on subsurface characterization, was appointed a subject-matter expert in shallow marine and fluvial reservoir characterization and developed a data framework to store geologic data and automate feature engineering for machine learning. Prior to joining The Water Institute, Howes was a Senior Technical Consultant with MathWorks, a developer of mathematical software where he led projects in areas of artificial intelligence, data/experimentation management including big data, and application development.

Howes’ geoscience research expertise examines how landscapes respond to changes such as storms or sea level rise and how these changes impact people.

Howes graduated with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Earth Science from Boston University