Joseph Marquis Hankerson

Research Associate

Joseph Hankerson is a graduate student at the University of New Orleans pursing a master’s degree in Coastal Geomorphology after receiving his bachelor’s degree in Geosciences from the University of New Orleans.

Since joining The Water Institute as an intern on the Applied Geosciences team in May 2021, Hankerson has worked on examining core and seismic data in Barataria and Terrebonne bays, GOMA MMiS formatting, and working on a project in Onslow Bay in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Hankerson’s thesis work is using Chirp seismic and vibracoring to explore shallow stratigraphy, mapping geomorphologic change across northern Gulf of Mexico using historical and recently acquired imagery, and working on correlations of stratigraphic units to better understand the framework of Terrebonne Basin.

Hankerson’s research interests include the mapping of sand resources for coastal restoration and geomorphology. Originally from North Carolina, Hankerson said he’s excited to be a minority scientists and looks to be a role model and supporter for the next generation of minority geologists and scientists.