John Swartz

Research Earth Scientist

John Swartz, Ph.D., research scientist, joined the Institute from University of Texas at Austin where he was a postdoctoral fellow with expertise in applied sedimentology, geomorphology, and water resources. Dr. Swartz works on understanding of the topography of rivers, floodplains, and coasts and has done extensive work characterizing the dynamics of these systems using combined field, remote sensing, and historical data. In addition, Dr. Swartz’s work includes projects identifying potential sand resources along the Texas coast and the use of applied sedimentology to connect research to policy makers and communities for better coastal restoration.

As a visiting scholar with University of Colorado’s Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System, Dr. Swartz continues to work with a community of scientists focused on developing and improving models of earth surface processes. Before joining the Institute, Dr. Swartz’s experience included working as a geologist at ConocoPhillips, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.