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Texas General Land Office (GLO) Combined River Basin Flood Studies


The Challenge

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) issued a solicitation to develop a $100 million planning study, consisting of four regionalized studies based on Texas' major river basins, to evaluate mitigation and abatement strategies to reduce disaster impacts and increase community resiliency.

The Approach

The studies will consider structural and nonstructural infrastructure improvements, coding and zoning practices, and regional communication and control as each relates to flood control. This work takes a regional approach through consistent application of tools, data, and methodologies as well as the evaluation and prioritization of projects.

The Water Institute is partnering with national and Texas-based engineering firms and has a lead role in the development of the compound flood methods for this program.

The Water Institute is playing leading roles in data collection, stakeholder engagement, flood model development, the development of an open-source data repository for the GLO and developing the methodologies for assessing compound flooding due to rainfall and storm surge.

By examining upstream and downstream, and the compound flooding of both, this study will not only help ensure funding is used where it’s most needed, but it will also be key in protecting against future disasters. The Water Institute is working closely with the GLO, USACE Galveston, USACE Fort Worth, Texas A&M and UT Austin.