Nastaran Tebyanian

Decision Scientist

Nastaran Tebyanian, research scientist, has backgrounds in statistics, architecture, and landscape architecture, and has worked on a diverse set of research projects from the regional assessment of cultural and natural resources to developing computer-aided design tools for resilient urban landscape design.

Tebyanian received her bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering, master’s of landscape design, master of science in landscape architecture, master’s of applied statistics, and a Ph.D. in Architecture. Bringing together all of her interests, Tebyanian focuses on decision sciences such as decision making under deep uncertainty, to help decision makers define their problem and work through sometimes competing interest to facilitate decision-making with a particular community or agency. Tebyanian focuses most of her work on environmental planning challenges and climate change adaptations tailored to a specific community or region.

In her previous roles she worked as a researcher at the Penn State Initiative for Resilient Communities (PSIRC) and an adjunct researcher at the RAND Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition. She was also a part of the cohort of LandscapeU, a National Science Foundation (NSF) research traineeship in regenerative landscape science at Penn State.