City of Jacksonville

City of Jacksonville Resilience Strategy

The Water Institute, along with partners SCAPE, Acuity Design Group, Inc., Halff and Fernleaf, will be working with the City of Jacksonville leadership and community stakeholders to develop a data-driven and science-based resilience strategy for the city.

The Challenge

Jacksonville’s coastal, river and groundwater conditions, growing population and large geographic area present unique and complex challenges for planning in the face of climate change.

The Approach

The planning process, led by The Water Institute, will guide city leaders and community members through a process to:

  • Develop a clear, compelling vision and associated objectives for a safer and thriving future Jacksonville.
  • Improve understanding and data-based decision making on the complex risks and vulnerabilities facing Jacksonville now and into the future that may threaten this vision.
  • Develop and prioritize robust strategies and actions, evaluated over time based on how they measurably move the needle on making Jacksonville a more resilient city.

This process will incorporate Structured Decision Making methods that combine science and policy in order to break down complex decisions and help guide communities toward finding and prioritizing solutions that meet clearly defined objectives for the city’s future. The final resilience strategy will serve as the “guiding force” for adaptation of infrastructure, policy, and city operations into the future. The strategy will aim to not only reduce risk of flooding and extreme heat, but will examine additional benefits to the community such as improved health, quality of life, and economic opportunity.

The challenges facing cities are a complicated mix of infrastructure, economy, social well-being, the environment and so much more. And much about the future is uncertain – from climate impacts and extreme weather events to population and economic changes. This work will help the city untangle this web to decide for themselves the best path forward to meet their current and future needs.