Alicia Sendrowski

Remote Sensing Scientist

Alicia Sendrowski, Ph.D., has expertise in remote sensing, statistical data analysis, signal processing, and coastal hydrology. She has been working on remote sensing of coastal environments for over six years and has extensive knowledge working with very high-resolution imagery, advanced computing, geographic information systems (GIS), and machine learning applications. She developed machine learning pipelines for the classification of large wood in very high-resolution satellite imagery and has conducted extensive field campaigns in the Arctic and coastal Louisiana to analyze carbon storage and ecosystem dynamics.

Alicia received her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from University of Florida where she led research on source separation of phosphorus from wastewater. She received her master’s in environmental and water resources engineering and Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, where she led research using information theory to quantify the influence of geophysical drivers on water, sediment, and nutrient fluctuations in river deltas.