Ann Weaver

Senior Advisor

Ann Weaver, CPF, has extensive experience as a facilitator and trainer in the public and private sector, most recently as the Acting Chief Learning Officer with NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service. As an industrial engineer in a manufacturing venue, she focused on process skills. She used her expertise in processes to teach those skills to other engineers and manufacturing associates. This led her to become a corporate-certified learning specialist and instructional designer, where she conducted needs assessments, designed and facilitated courses, and coached multifunctional project groups through a six sigma teaming process. When she completed her master’s degree in biology, she left the private sector to apply her facilitation, training skills and education to resource management.

Weaver has provided facilitation and strategic planning support for multiple Federal and State government agencies and various stakeholders in support of coastal management programs and projects. She has developed and implemented several training programs to support new employee orientation, diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility for National Marine Fisheries staff. In addition, she facilitates trainings worldwide for The Nature Conservancy and National Marine Sanctuaries International program, supported by non-governmental funding. Weaver has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Washington and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology from Florida Atlantic University.