U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research & Redevelopment strategy: Laying the foundation for a new bold era of USACE R&D

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has a trusted history of developing innovative solutions to the Nation’s toughest engineering challenges. Since 1775, Army Engineers have reduced risks for disasters, enabled commerce, strengthened national security, and supported our military’s ability to defend the homeland.
To continue to meet the evolving and increasingly complex engineering challenges facing the Nation and the world, USACE Research & Development (R&D) must evolve as well. Bold action is needed to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow through rapid advancements in science and technology.

This Research & Development Strategy, a first for USACE across all mission sets, catapults us into a bold era of R&D that is strategic, collaborative, proactive, and challenge-focused.

USACE vision is to provide engineering solutions to our Nation’s toughest challenges. For 245 years, USACE has continuously risen to meet the challenges of the day, and today is no exception. But the challenges of today and tomorrow are not like yesterday’s. From droughts and wildfires across the western states, to harmful algal blooms in Florida and the Great Lakes, to increasingly frequent disasters faced by communities across the country, to the evolving nature of international warfare, 21st century challenges are increasingly complex and interconnected.