Environmental Data and Model Catalog (EnDMC)

The Challenge

Organizations that commission the development of environmental models face several practical data management challenges:

  • Once models and simulation outputs have been produced, where do the files go?
  • How can models be discovered by future needs and projects that could leverage the investment made?
  • Can opportunities to modernize simulations be identified where models were performed using input data that has been superseded by newer information (e.g., new releases of land cover and topographic data).

The Approach

Having managed complex environmental modeling data lifecycles across many projects and for several clients, The Water Institute is developing the Environmental Data and Model Catalog (EnDMC). EnDMC is a web-based platform specifically designed to store models, configuration, simulation outputs, and related metadata in an organized and discoverable way.

The Institute and its partners are iterating on EnDMC and anticipate beta test completion in early 2024.