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The Water Institute is a not-for-profit, independent applied research and technical services institution with a mission to help coastal and deltaic communities thoughtfully prepare for an uncertain future. Through an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach, our work helps to create more resilient communities, thriving economies, and a healthy environment.


Dedicated to the future of our coast

Ambassador James Joseph Chair of the Board

The Institute understands that to solve the complex challenges that our coastal communities will face into the future, we must bring an integrated approach that bridges traditional research activities and focuses our applied studies at the intersection of the environment, the economy, and the human dimension.

The Institute and partners with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme work in Fiji to provide information leaders can use to make better climate change adaptation decisions.

Providing A Better Picture of The Rapidly Changing Mekong Delta

At the seaward end of one of the most geopolitically complex watersheds on Earth lies the Mekong Delta. The river flows through six countries that are experiencing rapid population growth and development. The first major dam on the river was built in...

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Identifying the vulnerability of critical infrastructure

When storm surge and extreme rainfall events innundate an area of coastal Louisiana, it’s not just homes and businesses that receive damage. Critical ...

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Jeff Hebert, Landrieu's 2nd-in-command, leaving New Orleans City Hall for Water Institute

Jeff Hebert, New Orleans' chief administrative officer and chief resilience officer, is leaving Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration this month for a...

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