Lowermost Mississippi River Management Program Strategy and Scenario Development Overview

Author(s): P. Soupy Dalyander, Michael D. Miner, Carol Parsons Richards, Alaina Grace, Mandy Green, Jason Curole, Brian Lezina.

This technical memorandum first describes the collaborative process used by the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), the Water Institute of the Gulf (Water Institute), Royal Engineers & Consultants (Royal Engineering), and other external stakeholders to identify draft management strategies and environmental scenarios (see Approach for Identifying Management Strategies and Environmental Scenarios). The outcomes of that process, including the selected suite of strategies and scenarios, is then described (see Lowermost River Objectives, Strategies, and Scenarios). Please note: Because the evaluation framework that will be used to investigate these strategies and scenarios is still in development, the final list of strategies and scenarios may be refined based on the availability of relevant input data.