Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission

Long-term strategic plan for the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission Phase 2A Final Report

Author(s): Diana Di Leonardo, Alyssa Dausman, Ryan Clark, Michael C. Runge, Soupy Dalyander, Scott Hemmerling, Audrey Grismore, Allison Haertling, Harris Bienn, Jason Afinowicz, Philip Taucer, Jordan Skipwith, Frank Tsai, Wanyun Shao

The Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission engaged The Water Institute to aid in creating a strategic plan for proactive management of the Southern Hills Aquifer System in southeastern Louisiana. In Phase 1 of this work, the Commission developed, with help from the U.S. Geological Survey and The Water Institute, five fundamental objectives to guide management decisions and develop a strategic plan.

In addition, three high level management strategy alternatives were identified for consideration and modeling with preliminary performance metrics used to compare the modeled results of the different management alternatives

This report details the technical work done in Phase 2 to support the development of a long-term strategic plan.

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