NOAA Restore Science Program

Application Plan: Structured Decision Making to Co-Produce an Actionable Science Plan in Support of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Coastal System Water Quality Management Research

Author(s): The Water Institute authors: P. Soupy Dalyander, Donna Averion, Mike Miner. Authors outside The Water Institute: G. Ramseur, J. Pahl, A. Linhoss, P. Mickle

This Application Plan outlines the engagement of the RM working group to guide the development and application of a decision-support and model framework for the region, as well as to identify specific management-relevant model scenarios to evaluate the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Coastal System (LMACS).

The near-term emphasis will be supporting MDMR in identifying projects to pursue in support of improving water quality and habitat suitability for species of economic importance, such as oysters. As the near-term phases of work conclude, the focus will shift to establishing the RM working group as a standing interagency collaboration for continued support of decision-making in the LMACS.