Oceanography, Volume 30, Number 3

"Oceanography: Special Issue on Sedimentary Processes Building a Tropical Delta Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Mekong System" presents work from the Institute and numerous collaborators done within the Mekong delta with guest editor Mead Allison. Allison and Ehab Meselhe co-authored several articles, as follows:

"How Tidal Processes Impact the Transfer of Sediment from Source to Sink: Mekong River Collaborative Studies." More here.

"Modeling the Process Response of Coastal and Deltaic Systems to Human and Global Changes: Focus on the Mekong System." More here.

"Sedimentation and Survival of the Mekong Delta: A Case Study of Decreased Sediment Supply and Accelerating Rates of Relative Sea Level Rise." More here.