Assessing the effectiveness of nourishment in decadal barrier island morphological resilience

Mar 30, 2021

Author(s): Davina L. Passeri ,Matthew V. Bilskie, Scott C. Hagen, Rangley C. Mickey, P. Soupy Dalyander, and Victor M. Gonzalez

Nourishment has shown to be an effective method for short-term storm protection along barrier islands and sandy beaches by reducing flooding, wave attack and erosion. However, the ability of nourishment to mitigate the effects of storms and sea level rise (SLR) and improve coastal resilience over decadal time scales is not well understood. This study used integrated models of storm-driven hydrodynamics, morphodynamics and post-storm dune recovery to assess the effectiveness of beach and dune nourishment on barrier island morphological resilience over a 30-year period, accounting for storms and a moderate amount of SLR. Results showed that at the end of the 30 years, nourishment contributes to maintaining island volumes by increasing barrier height and width compared with a no-action scenario. To view the publication, click here.