Remote Sensing and Modeling

An Overview of Cyberinfrastructure to Support the Coastal Modeling Community in the Gulf of Mexico

Twilley, R.R., S. Brandt, D. Breaux, J. Cartwright, J. Chen, G. Easson, P. Fitzpatrick, K. Fridley, S. Graves, S. Harper, C. Kaiser, A. Maestre, M. Maskey, W. McAnally, J. McCorquodale, E. Meselhe, T. Miller-Way, K. Park, J. Pereira, T. Richardson, J. Tao, A. Ward, J. Wiggert and D. Williamson.  2014.  Simulation Management Systems developed by the Northern Gulf Coastal Hazards Collaboratory (NG-CHC):  An overview of cyberinfrastructure to support the coastal modeling community in the Gulf of Mexico.  Advances in Coastal and Marine Resources: Remote Sensing and Modeling edited by Charles W. Finkl, Antonio H.F. Klein, and Christopher Makowski. Coastal Research Library (CRL) series. To view this publication, click here.