Partnerships for Our Working Coast

For critical infrastructure along our coast, sediment can be both salvation and a curse. Too much in the wrong place and shipping lanes are closed and maintenance dredging costs increase. Too little and there is nothing to stand between infrastructure and the rising seas.

The Partnerships for Our Working Coast initiative seeks to leverage the required maintenance dredging of critical port facilities to create nature-based defenses that protect critical infrastructure from wave and storm damage, while providing ecological, recreational, community and economic benefits.

First developed in partnership with the management authority and tenants of Port Fourchon, one of the most critical ports to the United States energy network, this initiative seeks to maximize the value of sediment while minimizing future dredging costs at Gulf Coast ports. Using advanced numerical modeling, the Water Institute and its partners can determine the best locations to place dredged materials to maximize its potential to:

  • Reduce future dredging and disposal area maintenance costs
  • Address disposal area capacity challenges
  • Protect critical infrastructure
  • Contribute to the environment by creating new habitat and improving degraded wetlands
  • Make our communities more resilient by reducing flood risk and preserving important hunting and fishing locations
  • Capture carbon in wetlands

The Partnership for Our Working Coast initiative is built upon the foundation of strong Public-Private-NGO Partnership (P3+) that combines the resources and expertise of public, private, and non-governmental organizations to enhance coastal habitats and provide protection to critical infrastructure and communities.

To join this exciting effort and invest in an initiative that puts partnership over division and finds creative solutions for a more resilient, working Gulf Coast, please contact us below.