Advancement and Publication

As an applied research organization, the Water Institute focuses much of its efforts on responding to the needs of its clients, partners, and communities by providing high-level science, engineering and planning to support decision-making processes. This applied research, however, is rooted in an organizational mission and deep individual commitments to the continued advancement of the science, engineering, and planning necessary to improve communities

Although the Water Institute team has a long and growing list of published work, not all project budgets have room for and not all clients have a need to culminate a project with a peer-reviewed journal article. Too often, cutting edge research is left on the shelf.

Through the Advancement and Publication Fund, the Water Institute seeks to build a dedicated fund to allow our team members to turn research that would not otherwise be published into peer reviewed articles and scientific presentations.

By publishing more, the Water Institute’s work can be more widely shared, replicated, and critiqued. Only through rigorous research collaboration and advancement of our collective knowledge can we meet the needs of our communities and ecosystems. Project budget constraints should not curtail that charge.