Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Methodology for Producing a Coastal Louisiana Report Card

Author(s): Ann Hijuelos and Denise Reed

The Water Institute of the Gulf, with guidance and input from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, was tasked to develop methodology for producing a report card for coastal Louisiana. The intent of this report card is to provide a holistic assessment of the environmental, social, and economic condition of coastal LA that informs the general public, managers, and public officials on the state of the coast. The need for a report card stems from the extensive changes occurring along the coast—both natural and human-induced—that may impact the resiliency and sustainably of the coastal environment and local communities. Severe land loss and habitat degradation threaten recreationally and commercially important wildlife and fish populations, while increasing flood risks continue to jeopardize critical infrastructure. It is envisioned that a coastal report card would encourage community leaders and policy makers to take action for change in their own communities and work collectively in restoring and protecting the coast.