Coastwide and Barataria Basin Monitoring Plans for Louisiana's System-Wide Assessment and Monitoring Program (SWAMP)

Version II

Author(s): Ann Hijuelos and Scott Hemmerling

The purpose of the Coastwide and Barataria Basin Monitoring Plans for Louisiana’s System-Wide Assessment and Monitoring (SWAMP) Version II is to describe the development of a coastwide monitoring plan for Louisiana with specific implementation recommendations for Barataria Basin. This cross-disciplinary research was conducted under the Coastal Ecology and People, Resources, and Technology (formerly the Human Dimensions) programs with additional support from the Physical Processes and Sediment Systems and the Natural Systems Modeling and Monitoring programs. Version I of the report was produced in February 2015 and a presentation was given to state, federal, and non-governmental representatives in April to communicate the main findings of the report and elicit feedback on the monitoring design and implementation strategy. As a result of the workshop and from comments received during the review of the report by CPRA, the report was revised to include additional data analysis, improved integration with existing monitoring efforts, and a conceptual diagram of the linkages between the human and natural systems. The revisions are incorporated into this Version II of the report.