The Advocate

Earth scientists: We're meeting on front line of world's climate challenge, in Louisiana

Dec 12, 2021

Author(s): Alyssa Dausman & Alex Kolker

Louisiana faces many of the challenges that earth scientists across the world are working to solve this century: climate change, sea level rise, food security, energy transition, landscape restoration and environmental justice.

Situated in a sinking delta, in the wet subtropics, at the mouth of North America's largest river, few areas are as vulnerable to climate change as Louisiana. This vulnerability is enhanced by a century of human activities that increased flooding and reduced fishery yields, among other impacts. In combination, these factors place compounding financial and emotional stresses on Louisianans. Across the world, scientists, planners, and everyday citizens are trying to understand the same question many are asking in Louisiana: How can we live in a landscape that is increasingly unstable? More here.