Wilke Coleman

Research Assistant, Applied Geosciences

Wilke Coleman is pursuing an M.S. in Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of New Orleans. His graduate research focuses on refining the Mississippi River delta lobe chronology within Barataria Basin. This work will provide insight to the region’s geomorphic evolution and identify sand-rich deposits that can be developed as resources for coastal restoration projects.

Coleman has been working on the Louisiana Sediment Management Plan as part of The Water Institute’s collaboration with the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. This effort utilizes a modern suite of geophysical and sediment core data to determine the spatial extent and physical characteristics of sediment resources within the Mississippi River deltaic plain and proximal continental shelf. This work will enhance knowledge surrounding the genesis of the Mississippi River deltaic plain and reveal the location of additional sand and sediment resources suitable for coastal restoration.

Coleman brings his knowledge of coastal geomorphology to aid in the development, implementation, and monitoring of coastal restoration strategies in southeastern Louisiana and beyond.