Myles McManus

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Myles McManus, Research Scientist, is a professional civil engineer with eight years of experience in Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Management. The first seven years of McManus’ career were with the Corps of Engineers where he became a subject matter expert in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, real-time flood forecasting, data and database management, multi-objective reservoir optimization, period of record statistical modeling, and software development.

McManus was the project lead for the development of the Java software HEC-DSSVue, The JavaScript React based web data application CWMS Mobile, was the lead for Jython scripting, and was a team member of the Corps Water Management (CWMS). He has been routinely involved in and taught classes on database applications for water management enterprise data retrieval, input, editing, and posting using both SQL and non-SQL database schemas.

More recently in the private industry, McManus served as a lead hydrologist and provided automation techniques for developing flood frequency hydrologic models in HEC-HMS.

McManus received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.