Audrey Grismore


Audrey Grismore, Ph.D., specializes in collecting and synthesizing a wide range of material to triangulate the responses communities have to disruptive events and how these responses interact at the local, state, and federal level. In addition to her academic experience, Audrey has extensive experience working in long term recovery in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Jersey prior to returning to graduate school.

Prior to joining The Water Institute of the Gulf, Grismore spent three years as an environmental historic preservation (EHP) professional with the Federal Emergency Management Agency Louisiana Recovery office (LIRO). In this capacity, Grismore reviewed environmental and historic preservation compliance for hazard, flood and pre-disaster mitigation projects, public assistance projects and individual assistance projects; regularly managed numerous project reviews, was a technical expert for LIRO’s EHP ArcGIS mapping and spatial data analysis needs, and refined Orleans Parish Archaeology Probability Map using statistical classifications including variables of historical maps, soils, geology, elevation, and distance from known sites.

Grismore was also involved in disaster recovery projects resulting from Hurricane Laura in 2020, Hurricane Barry, numerous flooding events, tornados, and other extreme weather events across the Gulf coast.

Before going to graduate school, Grismore was a cultural resources field manager for URS Corporation working on the Mississippi Development Authority Housing Recovery HUD-CDBG Projects. Prior to taking on this role, Grismore was an archaeologist and field lab manager for various URS company projects.