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CBS This Morning highlights Louisiana's land loss

Jan 18, 2017

In case you missed it, CBS This Morning ran a story Wednesday about Louisiana’s land loss crisis, what’s at stake, and the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s proposed 2017 Draft Coastal Master Plan now being discussed and reviewed.

From the story:

“Coastal communities that are really important to the offshore or the gas industry essentially become islands out there in the middle of nowhere, in the Gulf of Mexico essentially,” said Denise Reed, chief scientist of the Water Institute of the Gulf, an organization that consults with state agencies and private enterprise on where restoration is needed and how much that restoration will cost.

“That means storm surge comes further in, water levels are deeper. That means coastal communities are flooded. This has real impacts for people,” Reed said.

“Most of it is sea-level rise. It’s coming home to roost. Other systems are starting to experience increased high tides, flooding in streets. Sea-level rise is becoming real for many, many coastal communities. And so understanding what goes on here really is a great way of not just sharing the problems in other systems, but also what kind of hope they can have for the future.”

Watch the segment here.

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