Eric White

Research Engineer: Water Resources

Eric White, P.E., is a Research Engineer for The Water Institute of the Gulf, where he is member of the Natural Systems Modeling & Monitoring group. He works primarily with the development and application of hydrologic and hydraulic numerical models to assess restoration and engineering project alternatives and design optimization. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with 10 years of experience in the field of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

White has additional experience in model development and with developing advanced geoprocessing routines within the ESRI ArcMap and arcpy environments.

Prior to joining the Institute, White worked as an Engineering Specialist for the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), where he was a member of PWD’s hydrologic and hydraulic modeling unit. While at PWD, he developed detailed hydraulic models of basement and surface flooding within Philadelphia, which were used to quantify flood damages and examine the efficacy and cost/benefit of numerous flood reduction and mitigation design projects. Additional responsibilities at PWD included the hydraulic modeling and design of large-scale capital improvement projects. White has also worked as a hydrologic modeler for the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and as a consulting engineer for URS Corporation.

White attended Pennsylvania State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in agricultural & biological engineering, with a minor in environmental engineering. His Master of Science degree, in biological and environmental engineering, is from Cornell University, where he studied hydrologic modeling with the Cornell Soil and Water Lab.