Cyndhia Ramatchandirane

Research Scientist: Water Resources

Cyndhia Ramatchandirane is a Scientist Associate with The Water Institute of the Gulf. She has four years of experience studying and conducting fieldwork across coastal Louisiana, generally examining fluvial sediment delivery in tidal marsh systems. Her research interests include coastal restoration and water resources science and management, as well as sediment and freshwater exchange between deltas and coastal basins and margins. In addition to science, she has broad interest in effective environmental science communication and education.

While at the Institute, Ramatchandirane has participated in many field data collection activities with the Physical Processes and Sediment Dynamics group led by Director Mead Allison. One of her main tasks was to collect and post-process data for the Calcasieu Ship Channel Salinity Control Structure project. Currently, she is most heavily involved with the data collection and processing for the Basin-Wide Modeling of the Delta Management project.

Prior to joining the Institute, Ramatchandirane researched Chenier Plain wetland development, with an emphasis on sediment exchange along the southwest Louisiana coastal zone. Her undergraduate studies and research experiences were also focused on coastal processes and wetland science.

She received her bachelor’s degree in geosciences from Wellesley College and obtained her master’s degree in earth and environmental sciences from Tulane University.