Relay of Voices project will be running through southeast Louisiana next week in search of stories

Oct 8, 2019

The Relay of Voices project wants to add your story to its collection.

A project of Lake Charles-based nonprofit organization A House Unbuilt, the project is a marathon run on the last leg of its four-month research expedition along the Mississippi River Trail. Its goal is to gather "voices" from the landscape and residents of the river region.

The run will end at the mouth of the Mississippi River in Venice on Nov. 5.

"We'll have to take a boat to the mouth of the Mississippi, so we'll be running in place until we get there," said artist, athlete and Lake Charles native Victoria Bradford Styrbicki, who organized the run with husband Tom Styrbicki. "We cover between 20 and 40 miles a day, and when I'm not running, Tom is running. We always have a van that follows us."

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