Dr. Earthea Nance

Board Member

Dr. Earthea Nance, associate professor in the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University, is a certified floodplain manager and a board-licensed professional civil engineer with more than 15 years of practice in the environmental engineering field. Her work blends environmental engineering and social sciences, and explores the intersection of environmental hazards, community participation and urban infrastructure. As a former assistant professor of environmental planning and hazard mitigation at the University of New Orleans, Dr. Nance brings extensive experience to the board of directors.

Post-Hurricane Katrina, as the city worked through recovery, Dr. Nance served as a public official providing expertise in disaster mitigation and environmental management. During a three-year period, she raised and managed over $59 million in recovery-related grants, created new municipal divisions in hazard mitigation and alternative energy, and spearheaded the development of citywide plans for sustainability and hazard mitigation.