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Charles "Chip" Groat

Senior Advisor

Chip Groat, Ph.D., is a globally recognized expert on earth sciences, energy, resource assessment, groundwater issues and coastal studies. Along with decades of experience he brings from the United States Geological Survey, academia and as a world-class researcher on energy and water resources, he has a deft understanding of Louisiana’s coastal issues.

As the founding president and CEO he has led the growth of the Institute in staffing, programs, and funding. Emphasis has been on supplying applied research results to coastal restoration projects being developed by the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) through us of core Water Institute capabilities and strategic partnerships with universities, private sector firms, NGOs and agencies. Most recently he is spearheading an effort to define and implement the Institute’s role in water resource research and policy support.

Prior to the Institute, Dr. Groat served as Director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy and Associate Director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas, where he held the John A. and Katherine G. Jackson Chair in Energy and Mineral Resources at the Jackson School of Geosciences.

He directed the U.S. Geological Survey under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and served as executive director of the American Geological Institute. His experience as an educator includes time spent as Executive Director at the Center for Coastal, Energy and Environmental Resources at Louisiana State University and as a professor for LSU’s Department of Geology and Geophysics.

Other past positions include Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, where he administered the Coastal Zone Management Program and the Coastal Protection Program.

Dr. Groat earned a Master’s in Geology from the University of Massachusetts, a Doctorate in Geology from the University of Texas, and Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Rochester. 


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  • Coastal Policy & Planning
  • Integrated Water Resources Management
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