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Charles "Chip" Groat

Board Member

Charles “Chip” Groat, Ph.D., was the founding President and CEO. Groat is a globally recognized expert on earth sciences, energy, resource assessment, groundwater issues, and coastal studies. Along with the decades of experience he brings from the United States Geological Survey, academia, and as a world-class scientist whose recent research has focused on energy and water resources, Dr. Groat spent many years developing an acute understanding of the needs of our coastal areas in Louisiana.

Most recently, Groat has served as Director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy and Associate Director of the Energy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, where he has held the John A. and Katherine G. Jackson Chair in Energy and Mineral Resources at the Jackson School of Geosciences. He served as Director of the U.S. Geological Survey under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He has extensive experience as an educator and government scientist, including time spent at Louisiana State University and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

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