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Decision Support

In addition to our applied research program, the Institute is often called upon to connect academic, public, and private research providers from around the world to find and evaluate solutions to coastal protection and restoration challenges. Our decision support efforts inform a range of implementation and policy decisions, from large-scale ecosystem restoration, to natural coastal infrastructure, to water systems management.


Independent Technical Expert Review 

Independent review by subject matter experts not directly involved in projects is essential to ensure technical information used in decision making is sound, evidence-based, and meets the state of the practice. Because of our experience and relationships, we conduct peer reviews, either by using our experts within the Institute, or by tapping into our network of experts across the country and the world.


Expert Opinion And Advice

Members of our technical team are called upon to provide expert opinion and advice as others work through complex coastal, deltaic, and water resource related challenges. This includes serving in an advisory role on large-scale restoration planning efforts and providing consulting support to others as they undertake new projects or initiatives.