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The section offers access to details about the wide ranging work that has been completed or is being undertaken by The Water Institute of the Gulf. By design, many of our projects are multidisciplinary and multifaceted. Thus, when using the search function below, you may notice individual projects appearing under multiple search criteria.

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Understanding Change in Fisheries

Tim Carruthers, Principal Investigator

This project examines historical change as well as current natural variation in the abundance and distribution of native...view full project

Vegetation and Climate Change

Tim Carruthers, Principal Investigator

As a low-lying deltaic area, Louisiana’s coast is among the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change. This...view full project

Innovative Engineering for Coastal Management

Ryan Clark, Principal Investigator

This project will investigate innovative engineering approaches to coastal restoration and protection, with the goal of ...view full project

Project Implementation Support

Ryan Clark, Principal Investigator

The 2012 Coastal Master Plan identified a suite of priority projects, but the design and implementation of these project...view full project

Sediment Availability and Management

Mead Allison, Principal Investigator

Restoration of coastal Louisiana’s wetlands depends on sediment availability and the effective management of all sedimen...view full project

Support of MS River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study

Ehab Meselhe, Principal Investigator

Cost shared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the State of Louisiana, the Louisiana Coastal Area Mississip...view full project

Supporting Community Resilience and Adaptation

Craig Colten, Principal Investigator

South Louisiana’s culture―including its working coast―is central to the future of the entire state as well as the nation...view full project

Tools for Subsidence Research

Mead Allison, Principal Investigator

Subsidence, coupled with sea-level rise, is a key driver of coastal land loss, a potential constraint on restoration suc...view full project

Models and Data Management for Real Time Forecasting

Ehab Meselhe, Principal Investigator

Gaining more accurate forecasts of short-term coastal conditions will improve the management and operations of coastal p...view full project

Developing an Adaptive Management Framework

Denise Reed, Principal Investigator

Managing dynamic coastal systems is challenging, given the numerous uncertainties surrounding natural processes, species...view full project