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The Water Institute of the Gulf works on an array of applied research projects, from large-scale plans and decision support to targeted research and technical reviews. Our efforts are united by a commitment to scientific and engineering rigor.

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Research & Innovation

The need for action is great, but resources and time are limited. In order to expedite action, The Water Institute spurs innovation in coastal science and engineering, generating new ideas and evaluating how cutting-edge approaches can make a difference.


Data & Models

The availability of and access to real time and archived data is crucial for accurate modeling of coastal and deltaic condition, whether in the short or long-term. For this reason, The Water Institute develops innovative approaches to data access and model forecasting and prediction. These approaches expand understanding of how our clients can be effective stewards of natural resources and human communities. 


Expert Analysis

In order to resolve many of the toughest issues facing coastal and deltaic regions, scientists and engineers must forge a new consensus about the best way forward. The Water Institute convenes such discussions, bringing experts from an array of disciplines to consider key questions.


Knowledge Sharing

The Water Institute staff understands that applied science affects multiple audiences. For this reason, The Institute shares its work with other scientists and engineers, but it also presents this work in forums and media that can easily be accessed by citizens, elected officials, and others.


Policy & Planning

The Water Institute’s work informs comprehensive landscape-scale planning efforts. These efforts consider coasts and deltas as systems of interdependent natural and human communities.