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Panel Members

The panel consists of 12 renowned experts with backgrounds spanning natural science, social science and engineering.  They were selected by The Water Institute of the Gulf after more than 60 nationally and internationally recognized experts were nominated.

  • Loretta Battaglia, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Phil Berke, Texas A&M University
  • Jim Boyd, Resources for the Future
  • Linda Deegan, Marine Biological Lab
  • Bill Espey, RPS Espey Inc.
  • Liviu Giosan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
  • Will Graf, University of South Carolina (emeritus)
  • Matt Kirwan, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • Tom Minello, NOAA Fisheries
  • Martha Sutula, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
  • John Teal, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (emeritus)
  • John Wells, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

John Wells will serve as chairman. Members of the panel have intentionally been selected from outside of Louisiana to encourage the independent and constructive review of existing work that is being performed and led by many Louisiana-based experts.

To view bios of the panel members, please click here.

To view additional photos of the panel and past meetings, please click here


Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't any of the members from Louisiana?

  • Experts from Louisiana are currently engaged and leading much of this work
  • This group was established to review and advise the CPRA and the teams that are engaged in these efforts

What authority does the panel have?

  • They are not a decision making panel
  • They will provide expert advice and recommendations for consideration

Are they reviewing the decisions made in the Master Plan?

  • No, this group is advising on science and research needs related to advancing and further developing/designing sediment diversion projects that were in the Master Plan