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Useful maps for understanding the critical impact of coastal erosion, hurricane related land loss, and the central role the Mississippi River and coastal Louisiana play in the vitality of America's waterways, river systems and environmental health.

Maps Documents

Coastal Louisiana Land Loss Prediction for 2100 (Blum & Roberts, 2012)

This map depicts the Louisiana coast today, in comparison to the coast in 2100 with predicted land loss....view full resource

Land Area Change in Coastal Louisiana After the 2005 Hurricanes (USGS, 2006)

This map depicts the coastal land area change after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Demonstrating land loss and overall coast...view full resource

Land Change in Coastal Louisiana (1932-2010) (USGS, 2011)

This USGS map demonstrates land change in Louisiana as the result of coastal erosion from 1932-2010....view full resource

Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan Projects (CPRA, 2012)

Map of proposed and existing projects outlined in the 2012 Coastal Master Plan....view full resource

Mississippi River Drainage Basins (USACE)

Map of the major drainage basins connected to the Mississippi River which flow out to the Gulf of Mexico....view full resource

NOAA Historical Hurricane Tracks (NOAA, Interactive Map)

Interactive map which depicts the historical tracks of past hurricanes, indicating projections and trends for future hur...view full resource

Predicted Land Change Over the Next 50 Years (CPRA, 2012)

Map of "less optimistic", predicted land change in the next 50 years as indicated by Louisiana's 2012 Coastal Master Pla...view full resource

River Systems of the World (Oracle, Think Quest)

Map of the major river systems of the world....view full resource