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Why was The Water Institute of the Gulf created?

The Water Institute of the Gulf was created to provide the state of Louisiana with a central point of science and engineering capacity, one that can help the state build better projects more quickly. By serving as a vehicle for collaboration among the best scientists and engineers in the world, The Water Institute will drive innovation in coastal restoration and hurricane protection, building world class expertise in these areas. This expanded capacity will not just inform federal and state efforts in Louisiana, it will eventually create a center of science and engineering excellence that can serve communities throughout the Gulf Coast and beyond.

What is the mission of The Water Institute of the Gulf?

The Water Institute of the Gulf is a not-for-profit, independent research institute dedicated to advancing the understanding of coastal and deltaic systems and to applying scientific and technological solutions for the benefit of society. The Water Institute of the Gulf will build collaboration with public, private, and academic partners to preserve and protect the US Gulf Coast environment, a major source of human, natural, and industrial resources, while developing and sharing cutting edge technology with the goal of advancing water management efforts worldwide.

Where is The Water Institute of the Gulf located?

The Water Institute of the Gulf is located adjacent to the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our office address is 301 North Main Street, Suite 2000, Baton Rouge, LA 70825 but our staff is frequently in laboratories, in the field conducting research, and at conferences and workshops throughout Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, and beyond.

When was The Water Institute of the Gulf founded?

The Water Institute of the Gulf was incorporated in March of 2011 and began operations in February 2012.

What is the governance structure of The Water Institute of the Gulf?

The Water Institute of the Gulf is led by an independent Board of Directors.  The Board is chaired by Kevin Reilly Jr. and it represents a diverse group of individuals, all highly regarded within their fields.  The board is self-appointing in order to maintain its independence.

In order to support the quality of the Institute’s efforts, a Science and Engineering Advisory Council was formed. The council’s members have expertise in a variety of technical disciplines, and are familiar with the challenges facing the Gulf Coast. The council’s charge is to outline an overall strategic plan for the Institute, including program elements, priorities, and staffing needs. 

Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

Where will funding from The Water Institute of the Gulf come from?

Seed money to provide funding for initial operations for The Water Institute of the Gulf was contributed by the State of Louisiana and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. As The Water Institute continues to establish itself as a significant research entity, future funding will come from a variety of sources of competitive and non-competitve grant funding from public and private sources.