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Our Role in Supporting the Development of Louisiana’s 2017 Coastal Master Plan 

The Water Institute connects academic, public, and private research providers and conducts applied research to serve communities and industry. Our mission is to ensure livable coastal communities and a thriving economy and environment.
Following the adoption of the 2012 Coastal Master Plan by the Louisiana Legislature, the Coastal Protection and Restoration engaged The Water Institute to develop a Model Improvement Plan to guide refinements and advancement to the models that would be used to support the 2017 Coastal Master Plan. To view the Model Improvement Plan, please click here.
Upon completion of the Model Improvement Plan, The Water Institute worked collaboratively with CPRA to assemble a team of over 50 experts from the public, private, and academic sectors to develop the suite of modeling tools described in the Model Improvement Plan. While work is ongoing, draft reports documenting the models that CPRA is using to evaluate projects and alternatives for the 2017 Coastal Master Plan can be viewed on the CPRA website